“1991 Toyota Cressida With A Supra Engine” – Owner Review

Today we’re back with the owner’s review of a very special 1991 Toyota Cressida. In this review, the owner shares his experience with this JDM luxury sedan and what modifications he has made to it. This is the 4th generation Cressida which debuted in 1989 and remained in production till 1992.

It came with the 22R engine, a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine producing around 109hp and 187Nm of torque. However, the owner has swapped the engine with the infamous 1JZ-GTE non-VVTI engine, which is twin-turbocharged. Its maximum output is around 280hp and 378Nm of torque.

Purchase Decision

The owner specifically was in search of a project car in which he could do some modifications. He had kept the Cressida previously, so he decided to buy one again when he got a good deal, he really liked its look, and it was well equipped with features as well. He bought the car 3 years back for Rs. 9 lacs when it was totally in stock condition.

Modifications in 1991 Toyota Cressida

The owner has mainly done performance-centric modifications to this car. The main highlight is the 1JZ engine. Before this engine, he ran it on a 3UZ V8 engine with much more torque but less boost than the 1JZ. He has also installed a limited-slip differential for better handling as this is a rear-wheel drive; however, he has not upgraded the brakes along with the power.

He has also dropped the car with coil-overs and installed bigger alloys with low-profile tyres to give the car a decent stance. The interior is almost stock; the owner has only added some gauges for air-fuel ratio, oil pressure, etc.

Project Details

This project was very time-consuming as the owner changed two engines, but after the first engine swap, it took him one year to complete this project. The owner also runs his workshop, so that really helped him. According to him, this project cost him Rs. 12 to 13 lacs, excluding the car’s base price, which is very high.

This high project cost is purely because of the price of the 1JZ engine, as the non-VVT-i engines are extremely desirable nowadays, and their value has skyrocketed.

Fuel Average of 1991 Toyota Cressida

As per the owner, the fuel average is obviously very low. With AC, it gives 5 to 6 km/l even on normal driving, and without AC, it goes up to a maximum of 7km/l. If more output is taken and the car is pushed, the car’s fuel average stoops down even lower.

AC Performance

The owner has kept the AC in working condition, which is not common in many performance-centric modified cars. It has the 1JZ’s compressor fitted, and the performance is very good in terms of cooling and throw.

Spare Parts of 1991 Toyota Cressida

Parts availability is an issue as 1991 Toyota Cressida is a fairly old car and is not very common in Pakistan. As per the owner, engine parts for the 1JZ are available but Cressida’s body parts are very hard to find. You can find them by luck from Cressida owners, but they’re certainly unavailable in local markets. However, they are available in Dubai and can be easily sourced from there.


The maintenance includes normal oil change and filters. The owner changes the oil every 2,000 to 2,500 kilometers, costing around Rs. 7 to 8,000 rupees. The maintenance cost is high, but the owner occasionally drives the car, so he doesn’t mind it,

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