A Glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Car Collection

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has left a vast fortune behind, including grand castles, properties, and lavish Iconic cars in particular. Mind you, the Queen’s collection of luxury four-wheelers is enough to leave car enthusiasts envious.

The monarch has her own history of driving the world’s luxurious cars. Interestingly, she was the only person in the UK who was not legally bound to have a driving license or number plate on her cars. 

The Queen was often seen driving the nicest motors like Rolls-Royce, Jaguars, Daimlers, and Bentleys but Land Rover SUVs had a special space in her heart. Here, we come with a glimpse of the cars Queen owns and left behind in her garage.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Car Collection

Let us get into the Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Car Collection, and we do hope that you will appreciate the taste of the late monarch.

2002 Land Rover Defender

It has been widely observed that the Land Rover Defender was the most favorite car of the 96-year-old-monarch. Ranging from the old series 1 to the new Defender, she has owned almost 30 of them – flaunts her love for the SUV.

In 2002, the company manufactured a custom Defender for the Sandringham. The SUV was equipped with heated seats, custom green leather, electric windows, and slightly raised ground clearance – to suit her drive across the country. The car was auctioned for £30,240 in 2014.


The monarch has two specially designed regal Bentley limousines in her opulent fleet. Both the beauties were a meter longer than the standard size of 6.22 meters and covered with removable roof covering to make a clear view of the monarch for the onlookers.

Coming to the interior, rear seats are made with lambs wool sateen cloth whilst the rest of the interior exhibits light grey leather hide. Powered by a 6.75-liter V8 engine producing 400bhp, each vehicle cost a whopping £10 million. 

2015 Range Rover LWB Landaulet

Like the twin Bentleys, this is also a custom Range Rover with backward doors and an air-top opening so the Queen can respond to the bystanders.

Starting with Land Rover Series 1, Range Rover LWB Landaulet was among four vehicles specially devoted for state procession. Unlike the other Range Rovers, the Queen’s modified custom SUV carries a royal flag mounted on the bonnet.

Bentley Bentayga

The monarch was the first customer who brought a Bentley Bentayga to her garage. Launched in 2015, it was not only the fastest and most powerful but also the most expensive SUV in the world, with a starting price of £160,200 for the base variant.

Bentley revealed that the Queen’s car was not among the standard vehicles, but a bit of lore was added here and there to make it like others modified car highlighted above.

2001 Jaguar Daimler 

The Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB was among the personal cars of the monarch. She drove this car for three years to visit her friends and other dignitaries around her state.

The modifications occurred in the car came with an armrest with a sliding holder, a cigarette lighter, a radio to contact home service and Downing Street and unique switches allowing fresh air to funnel to the sides.

What is your take on Queen Elizabeth II’s Iconic Car Collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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