“A Super Clean 1988 Corolla E90 In Its Former Glory” – Owner Review

Today we’re back with an owner’s review of the Toyota Corolla 1988 DX. The owner of this car has completely restored this car from scrap, bringing it back to its glory. In this review, he shares his experience with this project and tells us about the specs of his car.

This is the 6th generation Corolla also known as the E90; it was launched in 1988 and was in production until 1992. It came with many engine options, while this car has a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engine producing around 75 hp configured with a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Restoration Process

The owner bought this Corolla from a relative two years ago when it was a scrap car. He decided to restore the car and started its mechanical work. The engine, suspension, and electrical components all needed to be repaired. Once the car was mechanically sound, he started the beautification process, which included denting painting, which took a lot of time. After that, he started doing modifications to the exterior and interior. The total restoration cost landed at around Rs. 5 lacs.


The exterior of the E90 Corolla has its own charm, and the owner has kept it lowkey with modifications that do not take away the stock beauty of the car. The lights are stock and have just been buffed to give a new look, a body kit is installed, which gives the car a well-grounded stance. Other than that, deep dish rims are installed with new tyres, an HKS exhaust, a spoiler, and a diffuser at the rear.


The interior is mostly kept original with slight changes, which include a Momo steering wheel, an aftermarket infotainment screen, power windows, a center armrest and retractable mirrors. The car also has a new set of seats which came originally in the E90, which gives the cabin a fresh look. Overall the interior is pretty clean with no signs of wear and tear.

Fuel Average

According to the owner, if he pushes the car and drives it on higher rpms, he still gets 11 to 12 km/l within the city and if he drives normally, it goes upto 13 km/l, which is quite impressive for such an old car.

Spare Parts

Parts are highly available in Pindi, and the owner has sourced most of the parts from there. Availability can differ in other cities, but still, they are available. Engine parts are common locally, while body parts can be hard to find.

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