Book a Hyundai Car Today & Get it in Only One Month

Hyundai Nishat has launched an offer under which you will get your booked car after only one month. It means if you book a Hyundai car today, you will get it by next month, isn’t it great? But the important thing is that it is a limited-time offer.

As per a social media post by Hyundai, “Say yes to your dream car and say no to waiting! Book your new Hyundai now and get it delivered within a month.” So, visit your nearby Hyundai dealership to avail this limited-time offer.

This is indeed a great news because the delivery of almost all locally assembled cars was delayed. The delivery time of most of the cars ranged from 6-8 months. Under this offer, you will get the car within a month, which sounds quite unreal considering the situation in the local market. 

Meanwhile, the normal delivery time of Hyundai cars is around 3-4 months, so this is a good offer for Hyundai buyers. Meanwhile, in another good news, Hyundai announced a decrease in the price of its commercial pickup van, Porter H-100. 

The company’s notification stated that after the incumbent government has removed the applicability of Capital Value Tax (CVT) on commercial vehicles, we have decided to trickle down the effect to the consumers. In the process, Hyundai Nishat has announced a decrease in Porter’s prices.

New Prices

Here are the new prices of Hyundai Porter:

Hyundai Porter price

We hope that the other companies will follow suit and decrease the delivery time of their cars. This will increase the trust of customers and also it will help in tackling the menace of “ON Money.”
What do you think about this limited-time offer? Will you avail it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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