“Drive of Mercedes S560e is Miles Ahead from S400” – Owner Review

Today we’re back with the owner’s review of a 2019 Mercedes S560e. In this review, the owner shares his experience with this German luxury sedan and the reason which led him to buy it. This is the 6th generation S Class which was launched back in 2013 and was in production till 2020.

This particular car is the S560e which is the plug-in hybrid variant. It comes with a 3.0 liter 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine paired with a lithium ion battery which pumps out a combined horsepower of 469hp and around 700 nm of torque, this is configured with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid battery enables the car to travel 50 kms without the engine with a top speed of 80mph. The S400 hybrid is pretty common in Pakistan but the S560e is a rare sight.

Purchase Decision

The owner frequently travels between Lahore and Islamabad and was using the Toyota Land Cruiser previously. In his opinion, the 4 hour drive was very uncomfortable in the Land Cruiser and he wanted more comfort and luxury.

He considered Range Rover and the S Class. As soon as he traveled in his friend’s S Class, he got really impressed by the comfort and decided to replace his SUV with this luxury sedan. He specifically opted for the S560e variant as it had way more frills than the S400 and a much more powerful engine.

Salient Features

The S560e is highly specced with luxurious features. Some of which include soft closing doors, memory seats which are ventilated along with a massaging function, multi-zone AC, heads up display, remote engine start, panoramic roof, ambient lighting etc. Safety features include 10 airbags, side impact beams, collision warnings, active parking assist, blind spot monitor and the list goes on.

Ground Clearance

From the exterior, the stance of the S560e seems pretty low but according to the owner, ground clearance is not a problem and it does not touch the ground on majority of the speed bumps. However, it is surely not suitable for extensively rough roads and needs to be maneuvered away from potholes.


Despite the fact that Shahnawaz did not launch this particular S560e variant for the Pakistani market, it still caters it for maintenance without any hassle. Moreover, local workshops are also fond of Mercs’ mechanisms so maintenance is not an issue at all.

Spare Parts

Contradicting the hassle free maintenance, the spare parts are not available in Pakistan and are very costly. As per the owner, it is not an issue for him as he has many contacts which will source it to him. Internationally, parts are readily available as this is a fairly new car and Shahnawaz also sources them, however the process can be time consuming.


The owner is very conscious of the resale value of his cars. Previously, he was driving the Land Cruiser which is referred as Hard cash in the Pakistani due to its high demand and the ability to retain its value. To his surprise, he is also getting a lot of offers for this S560e and he assumes that resale won’t be an issue.

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