Ferrari Unveiled first ever Four-Door Car

Ferrari – the Italian luxury sports car giant, has revealed its first-ever four-door vehicle dubbed “Ferrari Purosangue,” translates “Pure blood” in Italian. The company is famous for its two-door racing beasts specified for occasional trips, but this time comes with a different taste.

Features and Specifications

The car looks like a crossover, but the company reiterates that the car isn’t a thing you call a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The car carries four seats and plenty of boot space with a long hood and fuel-powered engine.

Exterior and Power

Coming to power, Purosangue carries 715 horsepower V12 engines coupled with eight-speed automatic transmission and two gears providing fast gear shifts – a big machine for which the Ferrari is famous. Moreover, the engine is designed to produce good power even at low speeds.

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Inside the cabin, the vehicle comes with four full-sized adjustable seats – a feature introduced for the first time in any Ferrari car. All four seats are heated whilst the front seats get a massage function. Darkening full-length glass roof is also an option.

Unlike other vehicles, the company introduced a second MID display for the front passenger in a bid to help them feel the driving experience. The company informed that traditional carpet and leather trim could be replaced with bullet-proof and ballistic fabric.

Ferrari Purosangue
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Furthermore, “active suspension system” keeps the car stable on the road at a fast speed. To reduce the vehicle’s weight, the roof is made from carbon fiber, while the lower parts have aluminum.

In a bid to maintain the brand’s popular low-slung driving experience, the seats are kept close to the floor. 

Where all other leading premium brands like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Bentley are offering a crossover SUV, Ferrari is not calling it a crossover SUV. It is thus that the car looks not compete in this category.

Ferrari Purosangue
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Launch and Price

With a price tag of $400000 (94650560 PKR), Ferrari Purosangues will be launched in the US at the end of 2023.

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