New Honda CG 125 & Honda CG 125 SE Launched With These Changes

A few days ago, Atlas Honda launched the new model of Honda CD 70, and as usual, the biggest change or upgrade in the bike was its new sticker, and that is it. Last year, the company introduced 101 changes in the bike, but this year it just installed a new sticker. Now, the new models of Honda CG 125 and Honda CG 125 (Special Edition) are here, and the biggest question is, are there any changes/upgrades? Let us look into it. 

Honda CG 125 2023

Let’s talk about the Honda CG 125 first, which is very famous in Pakistan, especially among the youth. The 2023 model has only one change, and there are no numbers for guessing. Yes, it is the sticker, just like Honda CD 70, the company has installed a new sticker with extra blue and green colours. Meanwhile, the design of the sticker seems a bit broken compared to the last one, which had a kind of flow in it.

In short, we got a new sticker with two new colours. The rest of the specs and features of the bike are the same which include:

  • 4-stroke OHV Air Cooled engine
  • 4-speed constant transmission
  • Kick Start starting
  • Roller Chain
  • 9.2 Liters petrol capacity (Reserve: 2 liters)
  • 1204 mm Wheelbase
  • 100 kg dry weight

Last but not least, the current price of this bike is Rs. 179,900.

Honda CG 125 2023

Honda CG 125 (Special Edition) 

Now let us talk about the Honda CG 125 (Special Edition). This year’s SE has a new sticker with a classic design feel; however, this is the same sticker given in the first SE model. Further, the CG is written in green, which is a new addition, while the sticker is the same in both red and black models. Also, the side cover is chromed, already offered in previous SE models.

If you see its pictures on Atlas Honda’s website, it looks like the petrol tank is in black matte colour. However, the non-filtered photos show otherwise. Have a look:

The other additional features in Special Edition are:

  • Self-start
  • 5-speed constant mesh transmission
  • 8 mm extra Wheel base (1212mm)

And most importantly, the price as SE costs Rs. 210,900.

What do you think about these new models? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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