No, Punjab Vehicle Biometric System is Not Suspended

Since last week, the news has been circulated that Punjab vehicle biometric system will be suspended for three months. The reports suggested that the decision has been taken because the record of older cars and motorbikes is not digitalized yet. Henceforth, Punjab Excise is suspending the biometric verification system so that the issues in the system can be resolved. 

The reports further said that the department is going to suspend the system from September 11, 2022, to December 11, 2022. And this time period is to facilitate the registration of older vehicles. The data shows that 177,000 vehicles are expected to register during these three months, generating Rs. 15 billion for the department.

But is It Really Suspended? 

Now, there is a major update about this news as our very reliable sources have rejected these reports, calling them inaccurate. “Punjab Excise department has sent a summary to Punjab government requesting a 60-day relaxation period for exceptional cases,” they stated, adding that in these cases, the applicant will file an application in the Excise stating the reasons of unavailability of buyer/seller.

“After receiving the application and evaluating it, the department can bypass the biometric system to register/transfer the vehicle manually,” the sources said, reiterating that this would be only in special cases. 

“The biometric verification system is intact as it is,” the sources concluded. And most importantly, there is no official notification yet, and 60-day relaxation will be applicable after notice from the Punjab cabinet.

So, people, we all have to wait for official notification from the Punjab government. Meanwhile, the biometric system is fully functional, and you can register/transfer your vehicles through it. This is a great initiative by the Punjab government and Excise department to facilitate the masses and it should remain operational. 

What do you think about the Punjab vehicle biometric system? Have you used it? Please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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