No Toll Tax – The Special Relief for MNAs Returns

The current government has restored the motorway toll tax exemption for Members of the National Assembly (MNAs). It was revealed during a Senate Standing Committee on Communications meeting.

The panel was further told that this exemption was ended some time ago; however, the immunity has been restored recently during a meeting of the same committee, presided by Senator Prince Omar Ahmadzai. It is pertinent to mention that the previous government ended this relief back in 2018 and directed all parliamentarians, MNAs, and MPAs to pay toll tax.


One of the attendees, Senator Saifullah Abro, raised the issue of hike in toll tax on motorways over the years. He mentioned that the tax started from Rs. 160, and now it has reached around Rs. 1,000, making it impossible for the poor man to travel on a highway. “A common man cannot even afford a cup of tea on the motorway and highway,” Abro asserted.

However, the senator or the committee didn’t discuss this exemption’s resumption during the meeting, which sounds strange considering he discussed expensive tea. The citizens on social media have also criticized the government over this renewed exemption.

Increase in Motorway Toll Tax 

The motorway toll tax is increased by 10% annually under an agreement between NHA and Mo/More, a subsidiary of Frontier Work Organization (FWO). And after last year’s hike, the toll tax on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway reached Rs. 950, which we think is way too high for an ordinary man. Meanwhile, there are few basic facilities like a hospital/clinic, pharmacy, or proper car mechanic in case of an emergency. 

What do you think about this exemption in motorway toll tax for MNAs? Do you think it is justified? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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