Now You Can Apply For Driving License 24/7 in Lahore

City Traffic Police Lahore have announced a new facility for the city’s residents. The police announced that the citizens can now apply for driving license anytime they want. “IG Punjab has inaugurated the new CTPL Smart 24/7 Licensing Center at Manawan,” the police announced.

A social media post by the police read that the citizens can now visit the center any time and any day.

This is an excellent facility for the people as this around-the-clock operation will not only lead to lower rush at the center but also ensure the smoothness of this service. You can visit the facility even after office hours and most probably avoid the long wait in queues.

It will also reduce the role of so-called agents as people go to them because of a long wait, and if there is no wait, then people will follow the process legally. And this will also encourage more people to get their driving licenses. The City Traffic Police have launched multiple operations against driving without licenses, along with imposing heavy fines.

Fine Without Driving License in Lahore 

Last year in December, Lahore High Court (LHC) directed the traffic police to impose Rs. 2,000 fine on people driving without their license. The court also ordered a fine of Rs. 2,000 to one-way violators, which has yielded positive results. Before that, the traffic police charged Rs. 200, which had failed to stop one-way violators.

Lahore residents must benefit from this service and get their driving licenses as soon as possible. This will keep them safe from traffic fines and other hassles. If you have your license with you, you can drive on the road without any issue, and it also helps in any kind of problem or accident on the road. In short, a driving license is not only a piece of paper but also an identity and safety for you.

What is your take about this new driving license service in Lahore? Will you use it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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