PakWheels Joins Hands with inDriver Via Cleaning Products

PakWheels, the prominent and largest online marketplace for car buyers and sellers, is also known for its cleaning products like All-purpose cleaner, Spotless Shampoo, Waterless Carwash, etc.,

In a bid to do it bit, the automobile company joins hands with the largest ride-hailing service in Pakistan, dubbed inDriver. It is thus that PakWheels is giving away free cleaning products (Waterless Carwash, Spotless Shampoo, Glass Cleaner, and All-Purpose Cleaner) to the commoners – the drivers using this service. 

PakWheels carries a wide range of products that can make your car clean and also add some comfort to it. Concerning All-purpose cleaner – gentle enough that it doesn’t hurt the surface but compelling enough to get rid of dirt and stains. 

Whilst using a waterless car wash, one doesn’t need a water tap, hose, or any space for the buckets for this purpose. Also, it is convenient, quick, and better for the environment.

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