Punjab Suspends Biometric Registration of Vehicles

Punjab Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control department has suspended the biometric system for registration and transfer of vehicles. However, it is not a permanent step; rather, the service will remain suspended for three months. And the reason? Well, the department is facing issues in shifting from the old manual registration system to a biometric one. 

Issues in System 

As per reports, the system has stopped working because of complications in older vehicles and bikes’ registration and transfer process. After the launch of the biometric system, the manual registration system was completely replaced in April 2022. However, the records of older cars and bikes had not been completely digitalized, which caused delays in registration.

Hence, to remove these issues, Excise has stopped it for a limited time.

Duration of Suspension 

Reportedly, Excise is going to suspend the system from September 11, 2022, to December 11, 2022. And this time period is to facilitate the registration of older vehicles. The data shows that 177,000 vehicles are expected to register during these three months, which will generate Rs. 15 billion for the department.

The department will reintroduce the system in phases, expected to complete in June 2023. 

Statement by Excise Official

Talking to PakWheels.com, an Excise department official said we are “giving relaxation for three months in case seller is unavailable.”

The provincial government introduced the biometric system in January this year. It was launched to make the vehicle registration and transfer process easier and smoother. There have been reports of issues in the system, especially in the case of older vehicles, however, Excise was continuously working on resolving these problems.

The biometric is a good facility for Punjab people as it frees sellers and buyers from future problems. Furthermore, it is quick and easy to follow, and most importantly, the amount transfer happens under safe conditions. 

What do you think about the suspension of the biometric system? Have you ever used it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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