Suzuki Bolan AC Variant Discontinued – Reports

A bad news, exactly a year after its launch, the Suzuki Bolan AC variant has been discontinued. As per our sources and Suzuki dealerships, the company has decided to end the journey of this variant once again. If you remember, we told you in September 2021 that the “AC wala Dabba” is making a comeback after a gap of almost 15 years.

Not the First Time

The first Suzuki Bolan with AC was launched in 2006-07, but it proved to be a failure, mainly due to overheating and low engine power. Like Suzuki Mehran, the performance of the AC, especially in the summers, was not satisfactory, so it was discontinued. Furthermore, Bolan has its engine under the driving seat, and overheating means serious inconvenience for the driver.

After its comeback last year, we reviewed the current Suzuki Bolan and concluded that the body vibrates after AC is switched on. However, its throw was good, and we hoped it would be a success this time, but that was not the case as multiple dealerships of Suzuki Pakistan confirmed that the AC variant is discontinued.

Possible Reasons for Failure

The first reason, as we mentioned above, could be overheating, body vibration, and loss of engine power. And we are mentioning them because it has happened before and there are high chances of happening again. The second probable reason could be that the company had a specific number of AC units, which it installed last year, and now they have decided that the AC variant is not cost-worthy.

And the third reason could be low sales, especially in the last two months, as the company sold only 580 units of Suzuki Bolan in June & July 2022.

What do you think about the second discontinuation of the Suzuki Bolan AC variant? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Meanwhile, watch the review of “AC wala Dabba” in the memory of this variant.

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