The New Electrified Muscle – Dodge Charger ⚡

When it comes to Muscle cars, Dodge is well known and especially the Charger and Challenger. Dodge Charger started its life in 1969 as a 2 door vehicle but switched a 4 door sedan in 2006 for the 6th generation. Current 7th generation is in production since 2011.  But with changing times, we are going to get Electric Dodge Charger in next couple of years. Let us discuss.

Electric Dodge Charger – Functional Concept

The current Charger and Challenger are petrol gulping models and  the market is changing and moving towards electrification. Chrysler,  who owns the Dodge brand, hinted that the current generation of Charger and Challenger will be the last of gasoline powered , this means internal combustion engines will be phased out.

The next generation will be electrified and recently, Dodge released the production ready functional concept for their next generation, Charger Daytona.  As per the company, the model will drives like a Dodge, looks like a Dodge and feels like Dodge although being a EV.


The upcoming EV has taken inspiration from  first generation with squared off exterior styling on front and rear with concealed headlights and full width DRLs.  Furthermore, the models get’s a “R-WING” which employs a front aerodynamic wing for maximum efficiency.

The slopping roof profiles with full glass panel. Although it generates a typical trunk like design, the model has a rear hatch which open upwards for max storage. On the rear the EV gets the same design philosophy as the first generation but modernized with wrapped around LED taillights and Race-Track lighting .

Interior of Electric Dodge Charger

As of interior it’s an all new design approach for Dodge models and carry a 12.3-inch infotainment system and a massive 16-inch instrument panel. Furthermore, a 8” x 3-inch fully colored high definition head-up display is also available.


Dodge didn’t share any technical details but mentioned that it will use a 800V DC architecture and expected to be extremely powerful. Also, Dodge mentioned that it can outrun the most powerful current Dodge models like Hellcat and it will be an All Wheel Drive affair.

Moreover, the model will have an e-Rupt feature which will provide a power boost to the car, while mated with a multi speed transmission system. The concept model is equipped with multiple driving modes like Auto, Sport, Track and Drag which can be changed from steering wheel.

Engine Roar

Dodge muscle cars are known for their growling engine sounds, so Dodge has incorporate that in their EV with a patent system known as “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust”. The system will produce engine roar with an intensity 126 decibel which is similar to the current Dodge SRT Hellcat. Importantly, the US government regulation requires “AVAS/ Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System “ for plugin/ EV’s so, there is a due chance the Fratzonic will make into production.

Production Model

The production model will appear as model year 2024 and we can expect production model for reveal sometime in 2023. We can expect a 4 door version from Dodge as well to replace current Charger.  So, how is the upcoming electrified Muscle?

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