Toyota to Launch Corolla 1.6 With CVT Transmission – Sources

Something new is coming people, and it is from our very own Toyota Indus Motors. Our sources have brought a very interesting news for us and all of you, so gather o’ petrol heads because today is a good day for you. So, our sources have whispered some hush-hush news, which has been making rounds in the local market about Corolla 1.6.

What is Cooking? 

The sources believe that we are getting something new, not a car but a variant. They told us that Toyota Indus is all set to launch a 1600cc Corolla with a new transmission. “We are getting Corolla 1.6L with 7-speed CVT Transmission,” the sources shared.

Currently, this variant comes with 4-speed Automatic transmission. Isn’t this great? Yes, it is. This new Corolla will be smoother with an upgraded driving experience, and most importantly, it will increase the fuel average. The auto experts believe that within the city, this car’s mileage will easily reach 13/14 km/hour.

There are no guesses that Corolla is among the most popular cars in Pakistan. People love it for its reliability, sturdiness, and excellent resale. The fuel average is another reason, and an enhanced one would be worth a bargain. So, fasten your seatbelts and switch on the engine of eager waiting.

What About Bookings? 

Our sources have been thorough, so they told us that the bookings are already open. You just have to visit the nearby Toyota dealership and book one. But, you seldom get your favorite thing without a condition, so there is one in this situation too.

The company is getting a form signed from this variant’s buyers, which states that they have to pay extra at the delivery time for the extra feature. This sounds reasonable, we guess, because Toyota did the same at the booking time of Fortuner Legender and Revo Rocco.

And When You Getting It? 

Last but not least, the most important question is when the consumer will get it after booking it. As per sources, the company is giving the delivery date of November/December 2022. However, some other sources are saying that the delivery will be done around February 2023.

So, let’s see what would be the  date of the new Corolla 1.6.

What do you think about the new variant? Would you book it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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